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The quality of coinage and the status of coins

coin condition

Some more info for newbies.

Embossing quality:

1- PF (Proof) - excellent quality of embossing, polished with a mirror shine (usually commemorative and commemorative coins in capsules or bank sealing);

2 - bUNC (brilliant uncirculated) - improving the quality of coinage;

3 - UNC (Uncirculated) - the usual quality of embossing, without a mirror shine; ...

Obverse, reverse, coin edge

obverse and reverse coins

Information will be useful for beginners, as he himself recently encountered the definition of the obverse and reverse of different coins.

Obverse (lat. adversus - facing) - the front, the main side of the coin.

In the information that you read, there is no consensus on which side to take for an obverse coin.

Usually, obverse is determined by the following characteristics (if it is not possible to determine by 1, it is determined by 2, etc.):

1 - a portrait of the head of state, monarch, president, deity; ...