World coins collection

Keep a record of your collection


ver time, the number of coins in the collection is growing, so its cataloging will allow you not to acquire chaos.

You will always know the value of the collection, the number of which coins are missing, etc. In the future, it will simplify the identification of the collection when it is sold or transferred to the inheritance.

Starting from a simple sheet of paper, notepad, Word or Excel and ending with specialized applications for a computer or smartphone.

I selected several categories for myself: ...

Bust piggy banks with coins of Ukraine

coins from piggy bank

Disassembled his small piggy bank of coins of Ukraine, which threw all the trifles over the course of the year. As expected, I found nothing rare.

After studying the catalog of coins of Ukraine (Kolomiytsa), made a table for himself - Change coins of Ukraine. You can see more clearly what coins to look for, as well as their rarity.

How to start your collection?

selection of the first collection

Almost immediately, after my decision to collect my first collection of coins, the question was where to start. After studying the advice of experienced coin collectors, he chose the most simple, less accessible and inexpensive collections.

And so, where do I start: ...

How I started collecting coins


Beginning of 2019, the way of a novice collector.

The choice of my new hobby fell on collecting coins. Accessible to each hobby, since it is not necessary to collect only expensive and rare coins.

You can start with the simplest, for example, to collect all the small coins of your country by the years of their release. We receive them daily for delivery. At the same time, without investing much money, you can check your interest in this hobby.

PS: Each coin is a work of art that holds part of the story.