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Medieval monastery on coins of silver and nickel silver

5 and 10 hryvnia Mgarsky Transfiguration Monastery

On May 21, the National Bank of Ukraine issued into circulation 2 collection coins from the “Monuments of Architecture of Ukraine” series - Mgarsky Transfiguration Monastery.

Coin Value:

- 5 hryvnia - made of nickel silver, circulation - 40,000, price - 51 UAH;

- 10 hryvnia - silver, circulation - 2500, price - 988 UAH;

The coin is dedicated to the monastery, which was founded in 1619 on an elevation of the right bank of the Sula River near the village of Mgar, near the town of Lubny. The Mgarsky Transfiguration Monastery is one of the most outstanding examples of Ukrainian Baroque architecture, built at the end of the seventeenth century. at the expense of the hetmans Ivan Samoylovich and Ivan Mazepa.

The obverse is decorated with a Kozak and a monk, as well as fragments of baroque molding (above and below) on a mirror background.

The reverse depicts the Mgarsky Transfiguration Monastery.