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The quality of coinage and the status of coins

coin condition

Some more info for newbies.

Embossing quality:

1- PF (Proof) - excellent quality of embossing, polished with a mirror shine (usually commemorative and commemorative coins in capsules or bank sealing);

2 - bUNC (brilliant uncirculated) - improving the quality of coinage;

3 - UNC (Uncirculated) - the usual quality of embossing, without a mirror shine;

The safety of coins is one of the important indicators, which displays the degree of wear of coins.

There are the following degrees of preservation:

1 - UNC (Uncirculated) - superior quality (unused);

2 - aUNC (About Uncirculated) - almost excellent condition (unused, from a bank bag);

3 - XF (Extremely Fine) - excellent condition of the coin (used coins, slight wear is possible);

4 - VF (Very Fine) - very good preservation (coins that were in circulation, have scuffs and minor mechanical damage);

5 - F (Fine) - good preservation (with mechanical damage, but well-viewed drawings and inscriptions);

6 - VG (Very Good) - satisfactory preservation (significant wear, mechanical damage, safety of the pattern is about 25%);

7 - G (Good) - weak state (the largest details of the design of the coin are distinguishable);

8 - P (Poor) - very bad coin condition.