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All welcome on my site. I am a beginner coin collector. I began to engage in collecting from January 2019.

CoinsBox is a private collection of coins from all over the world XX-XXI.

The site was created to catalog its collection and the opportunity to share it with others. For cataloging, Krause catalogs (a handbook of coin collectors) and some more detailed catalogs of certain countries (for example, the Kolomiyts Ukraine coin catalog) are used for cataloging.

All coins presented on the site are present in the collection. Photos of coins - real. Prices are in US dollars at the time of purchase. Coins from the collection are not for sale. Perhaps in the future, if there are duplicates, there will be an opportunity to exchange or purchase.

Site sections:

- on the Main page there are selected collections from which I started, and first of all I collect. Also, the main page of the site contains the last 5 articles (more in the Articles section);

- The Articles section contains publications on the subject of numismatics and coin collecting. The questions that I faced are being exploded, as well as tips for beginner numismatists and other interesting historical facts and news related to world currencies, coins and numismatics. More extensively and in detail presented coins of Ukraine;

- in the Collection section you can see all the coins that are available and grouped by country;

The main goal is a collection of coins of all countries (existing and disappeared), of all denominations and historical periods of the XX-XXI centuries. I understand that it will not be easy and not so soon. Therefore, in order to test my interest in collecting coins, as well as to get a feeling for the first 100% collected collection, I identified primary goals:

- A collection of twenty states of fifty states (Quarters of 50 states);

- a collection of changeable coins of Ukraine of regular coinage (coins of the country in which you live, most coins can be found in your piggy bank or received for change);

These collections are simple and do not need large financial expenses, they are often recommended to start collecting for beginners.

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