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Japanese Yen - a brief history of currency

Japanese yen

Japanese yen is the currency of Japan, one of the world's major reserve currencies. The currency code is JPY, digital is 392, the symbol is ¥. 1 yen = 100 sen.

The name of the Japanese currency comes from the name of the Chinese currency - the yuan. In turn, "yuan" in Chinese means "round object" or "round coin."

At the beginning of the 19th century, there were many monetary units on the territory of Japan, which were issued by many clans. There were times when 249 clan currencies were simultaneously used on the territory of the country. The yen was put into circulation in 1869, and from 1871 a ban was imposed on all previously issued clan currencies. The Japanese yen consisted of 100 sen and 1000 rin. Sen and Rin were withdrawn from circulation in 1954.

The best coins of Ukraine in 2018

The best coins of Ukraine in 2018

So the second stage of the next annual competition for the best coin of Ukraine was completed. In the contest, which holds NBU, commemorative coins took part, released in 2018. The best coins, in the nomination "The Best Coin of the Year" and "The Best Disclosure of the Theme", are recognized silver coins from the set "To the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine": "Era of the World", "Era of Changes", "Era of Technologies", "Man, time, space." All coins have a hexagonal shape and face value - 5 hryvnia.

Medieval monastery on coins of silver and nickel silver

5 and 10 hryvnia Mgarsky Transfiguration Monastery

On May 21, the National Bank of Ukraine issued into circulation 2 collection coins from the “Monuments of Architecture of Ukraine” series - Mgarsky Transfiguration Monastery.

Coin Value:

- 5 hryvnia - made of nickel silver, circulation - 40,000, price - 51 UAH;

- 10 hryvnia - silver, circulation - 2500, price - 988 UAH;

The coin is dedicated to the monastery, which was founded in 1619 on an elevation of the right bank of the Sula River near the village of Mgar, near the town of Lubny.

The quality of coinage and the status of coins

coin condition

Some more info for newbies.

Embossing quality:

1- PF (Proof) - excellent quality of embossing, polished with a mirror shine (usually commemorative and commemorative coins in capsules or bank sealing);

2 - bUNC (brilliant uncirculated) - improving the quality of coinage;

3 - UNC (Uncirculated) - the usual quality of embossing, without a mirror shine; ...

Obverse, reverse, coin edge

obverse and reverse coins

Information will be useful for beginners, as he himself recently encountered the definition of the obverse and reverse of different coins.

Obverse (lat. adversus - facing) - the front, the main side of the coin.

In the information that you read, there is no consensus on which side to take for an obverse coin.

Usually, obverse is determined by the following characteristics (if it is not possible to determine by 1, it is determined by 2, etc.):

1 - a portrait of the head of state, monarch, president, deity; ...